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Donate to the Kanien’keha Language Initiative

Hey Folks!

Kanien’keha Endangered Language Initiative is a labor of love brought to you by me ‘Benjamin Doolittle’ and a team (yes, a full TEAM) of people around A’nowara’ko:wa (turtle island) who source words, edit stories, book our live meetings, maintain our website, and on and on.

We’re an independent operation and it’s a very costly production when you add up all the expenses we have as we pay our staff, conduct our interviews, produce our content, record stories, put games and lists together, maintain a vibrant web presence, etc.

Even with all of this up and running, we are still desperately in need of extra funding for publicity, marketing and new team members so we can continue to grow. So if you like Kanien’keha Endangered Language Initiative, and you want to see and hear the language grow, please help keep Kanien’keha Language Initiative running.

If you want to help keep us going strong and putting out new content every week, please consider a small donation. You’ll be happy you did!

Thank you for your support,
Benjamin II and the Kanien’keha Language Initiative team mohdictionary mohdictionary mohdictionary mohdictionary mohdictionary mohdictionary

What are we working on?

  • making the website compatible with all mobile devices.
  • weekly addition of words.
  • category structure to help with explaining compound ideas.
  • Free mobile application that will be available in itunes, chrome and other major providers.
  • mobile games with animation and flash card memory challenges.
  • and more.

Your donation will help build on the tools, resources and energy that is needed to sustain this language initiative.