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How to use the single post index

For every word on the dictionary there will be an index available that will provide additional information about the word and placement of the word in the website. Using the example word “toronto” We will take a look at the available segments of the index.

Toronto, ONT

The title word is set to display the kanien’keha or english word depending on the language that has been chosen to browse the website.


The content section will show the translation of the title word.

Literal: Place of the split rock

A literal translation will appear when one has been provided. Most words have a literal meaning that could be more than a sentence in the english language. Having a thorough understanding of the literal meaning helps provide for a better understanding of the kanienkeha literacy and cultural thought patterns.

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Suggest an alternative or make a correction, this is the most powerful feature on the website. It allows for improvements and organic growth of this dictionary.

Visit Map: 145 Places, 3 Lakes and Rivers

The “Visit Map” section will be available on any post naming the location of towns and waterways.

Category: DictionaryEnglishTKanienkehaTPlaces

The category shows the mapping of the word and where it has been included to develop lists of words for themes. The sitemap or categories page will show you the complete selection of the themes and topics.

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