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Managing your Notes

Help with managing your notes.

We appreciate that you’re taking great language Notes. As part of our Open Source project, our research grows when we grow together.

Create your (Analog) Notes
Write or type anywhere, clip from the web or drop in content from your Office docs.

Think with ink
Scribble notes by hand. Express your insights with shapes and colors.

Work together
Shape ideas with a team or with your family. Stay on the same page and in sync.

Organized Chaos
Sticky Notes. These help keep your thoughts organized, but they can get lost in the shuffle.

Highlighting Details
Keep a record of the words or phrases that stick out, highlight, and underline to build familiarity.

Video Tutorial
Watch a video tutorial to learn tips for taking notes. Use the Bullet Journal system to grow your note taking skills.

Downloadable PDF
Use our templates to organize your notes, the document includes a special characters index.

Additional Resources
We have compiled a large list of additional resources to help with your lessons and notes.

Audio Transcriptions
Keeping all old and new recordings in good condition is key to preserving your recordings, we can help digitize your cassettes.

5 Shortcuts for Success

  • Shortcut 1: Look for similarities to your language (help you recognize patterns & understand meaning).
  • Shortcut 2: Keep it simple.
  • Shortcut 3: Keep it relevant to your situation and needs.
  • Shortcut 4: Use 30 minutes study time a day or smaller periods more regularly.
  • Shortcut 5: Listen to Radio, Watch Movies with English subtitles.

3 Rules for Speaking the Language

  • Rule 1: Live the language, own the language.
  • Rule 2: Make plenty of mistakes.
  • Rule 3: Make it fun. Friendly competition is good.