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Literal: People of Tsonontó:wane (the great mountain)
Alternative: Tsonontowane'á:ka
Literal: People of Tsonontó:wane (the great mountain)
Alternative: Shotinontó:wane
Literal: Their mountain is great
Alternative: Rontehnhohanónhnha (Council Name)
Literal: They are called this because they keep watch at the door of the confederacy in the west. There are different names for the Seneca during council. From what I know some of them are Ronatehnhóhonte and Rotihnhóhonte. All loosely translated means "They watch over, guard the door". A speaker will know who you are talking about.
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Category: Dictionary, English, S, Mohawk, R, T, People, Rotinonhsión:ni
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